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How to choose a screen name?

It’s very important that you choose the right screen name or performer name. Take your time, don’t rush this decision! Several service providers make it extremely difficult or even impossible to change your performer name later on.

As a professional, your name will become your trademark. This is how your regulars will know and refer to you, and as your popularity grows, even google you. But even if you think this career move is only temporary, you may never know what the future brings, so think it over carefully.

Choose a short and catchy name.

General and vague names such as Sexy Chick and Hot Blonde may sound attractive at first, but they are not good choices and may not even be allowed.
It is best if your screen name contains a first name that can become your online persona and be transferred to other online content as well. However, of course it is not recommended that you use your real first name. Short and easy to remember names are best, don’t make it too complicated. If your name sounds too exotic, then your guests may find it difficult to remember. Keep in mind that your guests will remember you and search for you using your performer name, so it helps if the name is also easy to spell.
Good examples: Lina, Mia, Paula, Kathie, Nicky, etc

After choosing your given name, you should also pick an adjective that describes your persona best online. For example, Sexy, Hot, Dirty… Don’t use numbers (such as your age or birthday), because they make you look unprofessional, or words that may refer to you as an under age girl (such as Teen, Schoolgirl….).

Got an idea already?

If not, don’t panic. Take a piece of paper and try to recall your childhood friends, or look up the first names registry online. Note down anything that catches your eyes or imagination, and play around with them, putting adjectives before or after them. It might just come to you just like magic: your performer name!

A piece of advice: we recommend that you find several possible names that you would like. It is easily possible that your first choice is already taken, in fact, you need to be extremely lucky to be able to take your first choice. So, look up if your chosen performer name is still free at all or not.

Well done, so you have found a performer name that is still up for grabs. So, it’s a done deal. Or maybe not. If you are really determined, look up whether the domain that belongs to that name is available. Of course, this step is not compulsory, but if you take your camgirl career seriously, it may come handy in the future. So, if your chosen name is SexyMeli, then you need to look up if sexymeli.hu, sexymeli.com or sexymeli.net are available or not. Then, look up your chosen performer name on facebook and twitter. This link will be useful for this purpose: namechk.com

All available, nothing taken?

You’ve just made a huge step on the road to setting up your profile.

If you think this is much ado about nothing, keep in mind that you never know what the future brings. If you are just moonlighting to bring in a little pocket money, then you will not need your own website. However, even in this case, facebook and twitter are useful marketing tools to build up and manage your fan base outside the chatroom, and attract new visitors to the website.

  • Technical requirements

    Technical requirements

    Technical requirements
    What are the expectations about my computer and webcam for the camgirl job? Of course, you will need a computer or laptop for this job. The computer needs to have enough memory, at least 4 GB, or preferably more, otherwise image quality will be low, and the broadcast may simply freeze. This is actually very irritating, and your guests will disappear very fast. In addition, the processor needs to be dual or triple core (e.g. Intel i2) or higher (Intel i5, i7), which is not a huge investment.
  • Your camgirl outfit

    Your camgirl outfit

    Your camgirl outfit
    Find the right clothes for you. In the beginning, you are surely going to ask, “But what should I wear for the camera? Do I have the right items or do I need to go on an expensive shopping tour?” Take care of your wallet! It is more than likely that you already have clothes that are perfectly suitable for a camgirl.
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