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Technical requirements

What are the expectations about my computer and webcam for the camgirl job?

Computer or laptop

Of course, you will need a computer or laptop for this job. The computer needs to have enough memory, at least 4 GB, or preferably more, otherwise image quality will be low, and the broadcast may simply freeze. This is actually very irritating, and your guests will disappear very fast. In addition, the processor needs to be dual or triple core (e.g. Intel i2) or higher (Intel i5, i7), which is not a huge investment. The better the processor, the higher your image quality. You also need to pay attention to the video card in your computer or laptop, which also requires a good processor and enough memory. If your video card is suitable for running the latest video games, then you can be sure that it is also suitable for live broadcasts.


Please don’t simply buy the cheapest model, because this is an essential tool for your work, which helps you make money. Most camgirls broadcast high definition (HD) images so you also need to do that. These days, you won’t get anywhere with dark, grainy images that keep freezing, because our guests expect perfect image quality. Of course, you can’t go without a built-in microphone. If your webcam doesn’t have one, you may also use your USB port to attach a separate microphone. Although new model laptops all come with built-in webcams, they are not good enough: separate webcams that can rotate and zoom are significantly better. First of all, you can move it around the room for more interesting angles, and they also have better zoom. Believe us, men will enjoy taking a closer look at the object of desire in the critical moments of your chat.
We highly recommend Logitech C920, C930e, and BCC950 .

Internet connection

It is an absolute must that you have reliable, stable and fast internet connection. Download speed does not really matter, 6000, 16000, or 50000 Kb/s is sufficient. However, upload speed is essential, it needs to be at least 500-1000 kbps per page. Ask your internet service provider for their exact upload speed. Again, if your upload speed is too low, your broadcast image quality will suffer, the image will freeze, and even sound quality may be very low. Several service providers use cables these days, these are much higher quality than traditional DSL connections. You need to take care not to exceed your monthly upload limit, if there is one, because usually if you use up all your quota, you may still keep your connection for the rest of the month but it will be extremely slow and unusable. You need to get all the information carefully in advance.

Wireless mouse and keyboard

Both of these devices are very practical, because you don’t need to take the entire laptop and carry it around wherever you go on the room. Communication will be easier and you may type messages as well, during the action.

  • The pay: the most exciting part

    The pay: the most exciting part

    The pay: the most exciting part
    How much can you make as a camgirl? Is it really possible to make a good or even great salary? Don’t forget that your income is going to depend on your performance. It won’t come easy. Long gone are the times when all you had to do was show off your body in front of the cameras and money kept pouring in. As in any other job, you will only be able to achieve your goals if you are consistent and dedicated.
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